Friday, 1 April 2011

The story about Chopin New Romantic

I'm not always up to date with the news. So I'm writing with a delay about it however I think it's quite interesting matter. The hassle is about comics book Chopin New Romantic order by Polish government to promote Polish culture and was meant to be given to students and pupils in German schools. The book is a collection of comics about Chopin illustrated by different artists and published by Kultura Gniewu. The publisher describe this publication as unusual and provocative. Each artist had they own way of presenting Chopin and it looks one of them create a story that no one was prepare for.Krzysztof Ostrowski create comics about Chopin going to jail to play a concert were the story ends up with fight and contains lots of swearing and shows very brutal reality of life in jail. This story started the talk about this publication and the message it's sending to young people. After all even it's been printed, it's been stop from going into readers hands. Some people even stared a facebook group to save this publication and it seems there where some results of it as the government made decision to published Chopin New Romantic however with few changes firstly the information about government input in this publication will be removed and the target audience change. I'm happy that the publication will get into readers hands however the behavior of Polish government leave me speechless as usual.....

I mange to find some illustration from this book online the first two are made by Patryk Mogilnicki and the last one by Agata 'Endo' Nowicka.

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