Monday, 9 January 2012

new prints

Just some of the work done recently for uni.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year !!!

One more time Happy New Year ! After having very nice and a bit lazy New Years Day I'm back to work.  This year will be very busy for me as I'm going to graduate from my MA course in September so it means lots of work! I would like to  be focus more on my drawing and printmaking,
read more books as they are an amazing inspiration for drawings but also if I will have enough time for all of that to travel more.

A quick view on 2011

A quick view on few of many things that were happening in 2011. It was hard to pick up highlights because there was so many great things happening. My work has been published in couple of magazines and a book too I also took part in some great collaborations and spend some time traveling making new friends and meeting those old friends too. I have learned to do mono and crochet as well as becoming a specialist in making some good drinks. I have seen some amazing exhibitions and got my hands on a big pile of great books and magazines. Now looking forward what the 2012 will bring on and making the New Years resolutions :)

 January was busy with drawing 

In February there was trip to Paris and eating lots of amazing cakes

In March I went to Wroclaw and discover work by Niespa and discover her blog too. 

In April I attended monoprint workshop with Chloe 

In May I had my Midpoint review and I made this. 

In June I was got addicted to Martini Gold 

In July I was printing a lot.

August was a time of some success with crocheting thanks to japanese books. 

In September I went on family holidays. 

In October there was a big celebration weekend in Barcelona with amazing friends and great food 

November was about writing my paper and also a bit about drawing 

In December I got this cool Christmas Card from Hannah