Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Upcoming books part 4

Co z ciebie wyrosnie ? in translation Who will you be in future ? is a collection of the most unusual jobs illustrated by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinskich from Hipopotam Studio and published by Two sisters publishing.

Brzechwa is a very famous polish poet, his most known for very funny poems for kids. This autumn Wytwornia is publishing completely new book containing 28 of his poems.

Co krasnale maja w nosie ? in translation What is in gnomes noses ? is a book about gnomes their habits, likes and dislikes and also how do they live. Published by Hokus pokus created by Dorota Matloch.


  1. Oh thanks for this! I know both of these publishers and am friends with the couple who run Pan Tu Nie Stal.

  2. I love Pan Tu Nie Stal they have so many nice things, there is one more book coming you might like it I'm just about to write the post about it !